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With both the experience of developing game art for different types of platforms – from Xbox and PlayStation to mobile devices – and knowledge of work pipeline of projects big and small the Iron Digital team can not only produce the needed assets, but also serve as a co-creator to reach the vision set for a specific project.

Besides the full-scale art asset creation for games, the visual narrative can be adapted to other contexts as historical reconstruction, explainer videos, animation series, product and architecture visualizations, book illustrations and counting.

Take a look at the work that has so far been created by Iron Digital team and drop us a line if You need to translate Your story into visual language or Your product transferred to other dimension be it 2D, 3D or 4D.

About us

Where Art and Digitality converge

Iron Solutions LLC is a startup that evolved from the Japanese game publishing and development company Tecmo Koei. Ever since it’s establishment in 2010 the company offers digital art outsourcing services for both 2D and 3D art as well as developing its own interactive products. The 2D services include concept art for games, films, advertising, infographics, web and print. The same spectrum of applications could be presented for 3D art, art for games being the major field of company’s activities. Having gained experience in art for games Iron Solutions help its’ clients with all the issues that need to be visualized – from the game concept art to fully prepared 3D models and game settings.

At the moment the company works with the partners in Germany and Brazil as well as the clients in both EU and US developing simulation, tablet games and apps to be released before Christmas 2013 and just after the New 2014th year. The names of the products to be released are – “Bergrettungs-Simulator”, “NeocronX”, “Diddl” app. Iron Solutions develops the 2D and 3D art for the games characters, environment settings, props and graphical user interface. The art development process needs day by day active communication and “on-the-spot” problem solving that is a normal day routine for the company. As game development is a complex task covering both art and digital technology fields, the companies’ artists need to be flexible and adaptive to changing situations.

Despite the games, the 3D services and interactivity could be applied to broader fields of interactive and digital technologies – infographic presentation movies, educational media, advertisements, design and architecture visualizations, films, medicine and etc. To say shortly, anything that is visual in real world and even that is still considered a fantasy in the real world can become a reality in the digital. Anything can be real in the digital world and the company Iron Solutions can help its clients to make it happen.

The company’s own product is the texture and photo reference website – where users can download the photos for their 3D models, 2D backgrounds or collect references for the concept art. The other offspring of the company is the – the interactive story books for kids. The ambition of the company is to develop its’ own game where the education could converge with fun and play.

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